Inspired Life with Ali Beale

Atha yoga anushasam

Now the practice of yoga...

Yoga as Therapy...

No one would disagree that stretching, breathing and meditation is good for everybody but

lets look closer into the powers of yoga.  Regardless of the struggle whether it be

physical, emotional or even spiritual in nature we can tap into yoga.  Therapies include

the use of posture (asana), breath work and the philosophy of yogic principles. 

One can begin to heal from the core or root of the problem on a multitude of levels. 

Essential oils, guided meditations as well as energy anatomy can become helpful

tools to work though emotional or physical blockages as we build a foundation for


I quickly learned that yoga is far beyond the physical practice but can

be described as an internal journey to the true self as well as finding unity with

all that is.  What excites me the most when teaching yoga is being able to share

with someone something that can truly transform their life as it did mine.  An open

mind and desire is all one needs to begin to cultivate a healing path through yoga. 

Postures and poses can be modified for "every body" even if it means starting in a

chair, laying staying stationary on the floor or discovering methods of calming the

mind.  It's about the evolution of the practice for that individual that's important. 

Your practice begins with the breath which is something we all have within us.

 Individual yoga sessions can provide more insight to your personal practice and allow a deeper journey by customizing the practice to your specific needs.  Individuals who are struggling with injury, illness, addiction or even just anxiety about entering into a studio class can use one on one setting to discover the healing path of yoga.  Small groups with friends, family or co workers are often another wonderful option to consider.  Contact me for pricing and options to see if yoga therapy is right for you.