Emotional Solutions...

Taking on depression, addiction, anxiety and negativity for some can feel like a life long journey.  Often times it can manifest from one thing to another.  For me it was a deep isolating depression that led it's way to bulimia and soon after a panic disorder which crippled me.  While the outward symptoms were different the root cause was the same.  My goal is to assist you in the journey to the other side of these overwhelming emotional burdens.  Learn how to recognize the signs and signals in yourself that are causing you such distress and sadness or what can feel like madness.  I pull from my personal experience and try to provide you with tools can use that even I still use to this day. Tools that you can use to propel you into a brighter future.  Most importantly a future upon which you can feel good about and in control of! 

Life Coaching...

Answer the following question honestly.  How many times today have you placed a negative judgment on yourself?  Even if you haven't even left the house yet I bet you have lost count.  I should have eaten a healthier breakfast, I said I was going to the gym but as usual didn't force myself, it's only Tuesday and I've failed yet again on my diet... need I go on!

Life coaching to me is learning the art of mastering your own thoughts.  Realize that most likely the only thing getting in your way when it comes to realizing your desires is really you!  Learn why you do the things you do.  The things that seem to keep stopping you in your tracks or perhaps you have a reoccurring theme.  Self sabotage could be at play and is something many of us struggle with in one way or another.

I strive to give you the tools you need to shift your life into a new direction.  Gain momentum and awaken each day with excitement to create a positive future. We all need a push sometimes (I know I do!).  Really start examining old patterns and begin to break the mold into something new.  Start living with passion and intention with eyes wide open.   

Inspired Life with Ali Beale