Inspired Life with Ali Beale

The Road Less Traveled... 

Those who know me or have worked with me know that I continue to grow and challenge myself to achieve a deeper level of who I am.  They would be the first to say I believe we all need someone or some outlet that allows us to heal.  No one is immune from hurt pain and loss but we may not always be aware of how it is stored on our tissues.  Those emotions are manifested into illness, negative thinking, addiction, eating disorders the list could go on and on.  I couldn't go more than a day without stepping on to my yoga mat or taking time for self reflection.  Also know that even I work with my own energy healer regularly to support my own journey.  We all need the assistance of others no matter what age and no matter what the issue. 

As where some people may struggle with the idea of needing help I view it as courage and strength.  Sometimes it's the road that's less traveled that brings the biggest return. 

Some areas of specialty are but limited too... 
Diet, Nutrition and Weight Loss
Diabetes Education and Balancing Blood Sugar 
Anxiety, Depression and Addiction