Inspired Life with Ali Beale

My Story ...

It seems natural to be doing what I am doing now.  There was a time I would best describe

myself as fallen or perhaps lost.  Suffering from a deep depression followed by years of bulimia and

addictive eating in my adolescence that soon led to a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, also

known as Juvenile Diabetes.  Looking back now I often wonder how I have gotten this far

having come from such a dark place emotionally and having been so physically ill.  I can

remember years where I experienced self loathing and sadness resulting in a feeling of complete

isolation.  By the age of 19 the doctors had informed me the physical and psychological stress had

a significant toll on the body they didn't think I would recover or even survive.    

Intuitively, I felt as if there was an inner knowing within my pain and illness, that I had a lesson to learn.  In my heart I knew life wasn’t meant to be so painful.  We all experience hurt and pain but people around me didn’t seem to carry the same depth of sadness that seemed to suffocate me.  I now know that for me to get to the place I am in today I needed to experience that sense of loss and disconnect from the self.  I began my journey of self discovery which evolved into years of hard work and self-actualization leading to a sense of peace and contentment I yearn to share with others.

Today the journey could only be described as one blessing after another.  From learning the art of meditation, stepping onto the yoga mat, surrendering the self to addiction or discovering the cathartic work of shamanism it all spoke to me and healed me in different ways.  It’s a privilege to work with individuals who are called to find their serenity in a holistic means of healing.